Shout-outs to all my fellow broke moms! We are the true MVP’s guys. Our husbands and partners may be putting the roofs over our heads, but we’re the ones keeping that roof raised up! Woot woot!


Let’s be honest, being broke isn’t cool. Here in America though, it’s not always all that bad.. It just means we have to be a little more frugal and creative! That’s why I called my blog, Women With Know How, cause knowledge is power ladies! I am all about that DIY life and counting my pennies. I think that kind of thinking use to be frowned upon by the middle class, but in this economy, DIY has become chic. Go figure!


I also think it is important to teach our kids how to be frugal. I remember how cheap my parents use to be, and now I feel we’ve all been tricked by the media. Everybody wants to be like the rich and famous, but most of those people aren’t even happy! So this is a toast to the independent minded women out there, we are paving the way for the future, for out children.