School lunch can be expensive. Your kids may not like what the school serves so they are even hungrier when they arrive home. You end up having to prepare extra snacks just to tide them over until supper. This can get very expensive and you just may not have the money to provide this much food for your children. As a mom, I learned quickly how to give my kids great lunches so that they would be full, needing only a small snack when they arrive home from school. Below are a few of my favorite options.

Sandwich Wraps
One of my kid’s favorite lunches for school is sandwich wraps. Similar to a regular sandwich, a wrap consists of the same sandwich meats and cheese but is contained in a tortilla. Tortillas are cheap and you should already have sandwich meat and cheese on hand. Simply lay one piece of cheese cut in half along the inside of a tortilla and then add three pieces of meat laid flat. Add mustard or mayo and roll up. This is a very cheap alternative that costs next to nothing. Add chips or fruit, whatever you have on hand, for a low cost lunch.

Meat and Cheese
Another great way to provide lunch that requires little preparation is a meat and cheese plate. Cut up sliced cheese into bite size pieces adding ham, turkey, chicken, etc. Provide crackers or just the meat and cheese for your child to enjoy along with fruit, crackers, cookies or whatever else your child enjoys. You can mix up the meat and cheese types to give your child something different to eat each day.

Leftovers are always a good idea, especially if you have containers that your kids can use. You should note if your child can have access to a microwave. If not, you might not want to consider sending a dish that is not tasty cold. Spaghetti, chili, hamburgers and hotdogs are common options you could send to school and they cost you nothing really. If you cooked the night before you are stretching the option even further by providing the option for lunch!

Consider what your child likes to eat and how you could offer the options for lunch at a low cost. Stay on top of local sales and promotions to be able to get the foods your kids like at the best price possible.