When summer is near, it is time for mom to get organizing. The winter clothes must be put away to make room for the kids summer wardrobe. When you have children, you quickly realize that each season a new wardrobe is needed. Kids grow fast so you will need to be prepared to purchase new clothes for the hotter months. Buying new clothes can be pricey, especially when you have multiple children. I have found several ways to save money on my kid’s clothes, especially those for summer, that they will most likely ruin from playing outside in! Below are my top tips for saving money on your children’s clothing.

Thrift Shopping
I have been shopping at thrift stores for years and have found that it is the best way to find shorts, dresses, skirts and tops for my kiddos. Thrift stores charge only a few dollars, even change, for individual items. I take the kids with me and we try on the clothes to see what works and what doesn’t. Gently used clothing can be a great option since your kids will most likely only be able to wear the clothing for a short time. Find out when your local thrift store offers deals so that you can save even more on the low priced clothing.

Clothing Swap
If you have friends or family members with younger and older children, you can do a clothing swap. For example, let’s say your best friend has a 12-year old girl and you have a 10-year old daughter. Your daughter would be able to fit into your friend’s daughter’s clothing. Consider purchasing the clothes from her or maybe you can make a trade in some way for the hand me downs. Knowing someone with older children can help you to be able to purchase clothing at a much lower rate than a department store.

Shopping Out of Season
When your children are small, from infant to toddler age, their size will be pretty easy to determine. Try shopping out of season to get quality brand name clothing at a major discounted price. For example, in the winter months, your local mall department stores should have short sleeved items and shirts at a deep discount. The same can be said during the summer months. This will allow you to purchase items for next season at a much lower rate.

Credit Card or Store Rewards
Such stores as Kohl’s offers store and credit card rewards. When you shop at stores such as this, you can earn great rewards and incentives for using your credit card. Take advantage of such offerings to be able to save on your children’s summer wardrobe. Use points to earn cash off your purchases, shopping the clearance sections for even better savings!

Consignment Stores
Consignment stores are popular options for saving money as well. With a consignment store, used clothing is offered at a lower price than if purchased at a retail store. You can find name brand options at great prices when you choose to shop at local consignment stores. Spend less to buy shorts, dresses, tops and more for your kiddos to prepare for the summer months.


These are just a few ways I save in my town on summer clothing. Determine the best ways for you to save by scouting out local stores, consignment shops, thrift stores and more. You never know what you might find and how you can have your child looking their very best this summer at much lower prices! Do your research and shop till you drop to find the best deals for your kiddos.