For most people, when something is broke, they simply throw it away and buy a new one. For a frugal DIY mom, I don’t. There is always ways to use something again, you just have to be creative. We try not to throw anything away and find some way to reuse the item, even if it just means donating the item. Our culture has become accustomed to just throwing things out, even when they still have use.

With most items, there is some way in which to repurpose some of the material to be used in a different way. For example, a T-shirt might get a hole in it on the arm sleeve. How about turning the shirt into a tank top? This is one way to keep the shirt and repurpose it for a different use. You need to think outside of the box to see how you can reuse items. Pickle jars can become crayon holders, sheets can become curtains, and a table top can become a picture frame. The options are endless if you just open up your imagination and see how you can use the item in a different way.

Hand Me Downs
One way to reuse clothing is as hand me downs. Of course an item that is ripped or torn should not be reused, unless it is changed. Blue jeans can easily become shorts or capris if they have tears or rips on the bottom portion of the leg. Sweaters can become leg warmers or even fluffy vests. There are many ways to take clothing and cut it down for children in your family to wear or to pass on to others.

Many items can be recycled instead of thrown away. Electronics can be donated for reuse so that they do not take up space in landfills. Clothing can be donated to local churches or charities so that someone gets use from them. Don’t think that just because an item is no use to you that it will not be of use to someone else.

So, instead of considering throwing out the next item you come across, consider repurposing or recycling. You never know what you might could do with an item until you begin thinking about your options. It can feel very rewarding to find a new way to use something old that instantly becomes something new once again!