As a DIY mom, I have taught my children many ways to enjoy things in life that cost less than they have to. Many people choose to pay top dollar for toys, clothing and everyday items needed in life, when my family works to save money and use DIY methods to be able to have things at a lower cost. It is important for me to be able to teach my children to be frugal so they will be smart with their money. I often see children who are given everything they could ever want and they struggle as adults. Being frugal can teach many life lessons that are used every day as an adult.

Avoid Giving In
I never buy my children anything at the store. We may do to the store for groceries or clothing but I rarely ever give in when my kids want a snack or treat. I know that once I give in, my kids will want something every time we go. This not only is a bad habit but something that I just cannot afford. From the time my kids were small, I avoided allowing them to purchase any extra items. This way, they are not accustomed to asking for anything and we avoid any meltdowns or requests when I don’t have the money. This doesn’t mean I don’t allow them to have a treat every now and then, but it is an actual treat and not something they expect.

Money for Chores
Since my kids were little, I have given them a small allowance for completing chores. This was a way to instill responsibility but also how to handle money. My kids see me spending frugally so when they have their own money I have found they are frugal as well. Many times the kids have put a toy back on the shelf because they felt it cost too much money. Allowing the kids to work and earn money gives them a sense of what things cost in relation to hard work.

I try to show my kids that it is better to get a good deal on an item than to just pay top dollar. Everything has its worth and you work hard for your money. I hope that teaching my children to be frugal will help them to be better savers and be responsible adults when it comes to paying bills and making big purchases.