Sending your children to public school can be hectic with the amount of problems going on in the world. As a parent, you should know exactly how public school concerns are on the rise and what you need to be on the lookout for, whether it’s health-related or safety-related. Here are some of the top safety concerns for public schools today.

1. Lice Infestation

One of the major health issues that have been a main concern in public school for years is lice infestation. Lice referred to as a louse, in individual form, are small parasites that infect your hair. Children typically share a lot of different items and are known for being very physically affectionate, making the transfer of lice from head-to-head contact virtually easy for kids.

My friends daughter actually got lice and they ended up going to a professional lice expert in the Calabasas area cause it was the one of the only ways to reassure the lice had been eliminated completely from their daughter’s hair. Females can lay up to six eggs a day that are glued inside your hair follicle until they hatch. This makes it difficult to get rid of them without a professional.

2. Bullying Rates Are Increasing

Although light is being shone on bullying, it hasn’t made it any less real in the world. With access to the internet, it’s become even easier for cyberbullies from school to harass your child. Even worse – you probably won’t even know it’s happening because your child will feel too embarrassed to tell you. This is a common issue that many public school systems are trying to combat due to high suicide rates associated with bullying in recent years.

3. Increased Drug Use Throughout School Systems

Drugs have run ramped in the school districts for over a decade. While it was only a recreational thing “back in the day”, today’s kids’ are taking things up a notch with the drug use. There are so many different drugs coming out and it’s difficult imagining sending your child to school knowing this. With recent scares from drugs like bath salts and methadone, it’s getting scarier to send kids to public schools.

4. Increased Violence in the School System

Beyond bullying, it seems that there are increased levels of violence and fighting in schools more. Most kids have actually rated this as the top-rated problem for them in school. Kids are supposed to be learning in public schools, not fighting, so it’s difficult for a parent to send their child a local public school knowing the violence can escalate so quickly.

5. Obesity is On the Rise

While some might argue that obesity stems from home, it’s hard to say that when kids spend majority of their days in school – away from parents. Teachers aren’t promoting a healthier lifestyle and it’s making it more difficult to fight off obesity in public schools. Obesity has also been linked to lower student academic performances, so it’s important to be mindful of this as a parent.

Public Schools Are on a Long Road to Recovery

It seems that the safety concerns in public schools have risen over the years. Even from a decade ago, it’s scarier being in school as a kid. A parent can’t feel confident sending their child to school when there are so many problems plaguing the school systems and preventing kids from excelling in so many different areas. It makes parents question whether or not public schools are even on the road to recovery yet.