For some reason, every small child envisions having a lemonade stand. It is a sign of summer and a simple way for kids to earn money. While some parents allow their children to create a fun lemonade stand, others may not be so willing. In my opinion, I feel that every kid should have their own lemonade stand. Kids can learn a great deal by offering the fresh beverage and have fun doing it!

Learning How to Organize
First of all, your child will learn how to organize by creating their own lemonade stand. The child will need to create the stand and lemonade, getting items together to sell the product. The price of the drink will need to be set as well as preparing the stand for the sale. Each action requires your child to think and make decisions, which can be a great way to get started learning about business and economy.

Learning Disappointment and Success
Not every lemonade stand will be successful. Depending on where you live, you may commonly see foot traffic or cars driving by, most of which will stop for a cold drink. However, there will be times when the child will not have any sales. It is important for every child to feel disappointment as well as success. Each feeling is something the child will experience as an adult and this can be a nice introduction into ‘real world’ situations.

Having Fun
Not only is having a lemonade stand an option for learning but it can also just be fun. Your kids can do the lemonade stand together, having fun building the stand as well as making tasty lemonade. Let your kids be in charge for once. They may not do everything perfectly but they will enjoy the time working together and creating something on their own.

A lemonade stand is something that brothers and sisters can do together or friends. You want your child to have lovely memories and the summertime with a lemonade stand is the best way to do so. When your child asks if they can create a lemonade stand, I say go for it! Even work with your child if they want you to, so that you can create memories together. If anything, purchase a few cups throughout the day so they can feel good about the service they are providing and feel a sense of accomplishment!