We all need hobbies. As adults we love to take time out to do activities we enjoy such as reading, hiking or dancing. We need that outlet to have fun and not worry about our daily lives. Children need this outlet as well. It is important for your children to have hobbies, as it will allow them to not only enjoy themselves but make friends as well as take part in learning experiences.

Making Friends
When your kids sign up for a new hobby, such as dance or painting classes, they can instantly make new friends. It is easy to make new friends when you have similar interests. If your child is having trouble making friends at school, they can have an easier time by signing up for classes with something they are interested in. Encourage your child to speak to others who have similar interests as they can discuss what they have in common.

Having Fun
As your child takes up a new hobby, they will become happier, having more fun in the process. Your child may become more talkative and want to share their new experiences with you, which is a big deal, especially if your child is a tween or teenager. Kids like to share what they have learned and will be excited to attend classes or take part in their new hobby whenever they can.

Learning Opportunities
Hobbies can also be looked at as learning opportunities. When a child takes a dance class or learns an instrument, they can take their skills and become quite good, even earning scholarships in high school. Kids can learn a new language, opening up to a world of possibilities or play a sport, which can lead to scholarships as well. It is important to allow your child to try various hobbies, as most can be beneficial to their education. Try not to overload your child, but allow them to try one or two new activities to see what they might in interested in most.

Let your child be free to express themselves. Remember, children are trying to figure out what they like and what their interests are. It may take trying several activities for your child to fully determine what they want to spend most of their time doing. Be patient and your child will have fun exploring new opportunities and finding exactly what they enjoy! And who knows, you may even find a new hobby you like as well!